The Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist 1.6.0 update has the following enhancements:
================================================== ===================================

- Chinese translation
- Free audio routing in mixer
- Rex file support in 64-bit Studio One versions
- Mackie HUI Support
- All Input support for instrument tracks
- Transmit option for learned controllers in Control Link
- Export settings saved
- Loop option for MTC in the Advanced MIDI options
- Resizing Modifier for Note Editor CMD: same length ALT: same position
- Autosave is now on per default

The Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist 1.6.0 update fixes the following issues:
================================================== ===============================

- Transpose command limited to +/- 36 in Editor
- MTC could stutter
- Legato and Retrigger have no function in Mojito
- [Windows] Some CD Drives not working in Project page
- Project length calculation wrong when disabling last track
- Crash when removing Control Link device
- FF and Rewind now supported on MMC devices
- [OSX] Keyboard focus issues
- [OSX] Ctrl+Tab did not work
- ISRC not transferred from Project to Sound Cloud client
- Color selector preview not working for Event colors
- Some AU Plugin GUIs not updated
- Add Automation track dialog does not take name and position into account
- The new song folder is not completely removed when the new song is not saved
- Hanging note in Presence with activated Glide
- Presence can crackle at sample start
- Presence delay is off beat
- [OSX-64bit] Room Reverb is missing reverb tail
- Digital export in Project can create defect files when sample rate is different
- Slip editing not working correctly with Edit Groups
- Popup menus are placed on wrong monitor
- Pool not updated when renaming track
- Wrong media folder used after using "Save new Version"

The Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist 1.5.2 update has the following enhancements:
================================================== ===================================

- New AKAI MIDI input devices (LPD8, MPD26 and MPD18)

The Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist 1.5.2 update fixes the following issues:
================================================== ===============================

- Crash resizing Transform window in Editor
- Improved performance issues with small buffer sizes
- Improved sound quality with envelope auto speed in Dynamics Plugins
- Save not working when song is opened in Browser
- Solo was disengaged when CMD-clicking on an event (with "solo follows selection" enabled)
- Drag and Drop from browser to some 3rd party plugins not working (OSX only)
- Editor does not switch to drum editor automatically when loading Impact
- Mixdown path not updated when saved to new folder
- Automation and Inspector values not the same for MIDI program changes
- Tuner did not work with all buffer sizes
- Only events in active track layer were adjusted when changing track tempo mode
- Drum map not correctly loaded when using drag and drop
- Info view can be placed at the bottom with detached mixer
- Level clip counter not working correctly
- Instrument bounce not exact when Master Channel has plugin delay
- Channel Fader can display when turned completely down -144 dB
- Drag and Drop not working when mouse buttons swapped in the mouse options (Windows only)
- Hanging note in mojito when changeing velocity
- Project: Occasional gaps in Digital Release
- Project: Performance issue with disabled tracks
- Limiter in ISL mode clips
- Cuemix output should be in Solo Save mode by default

The Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist 1.5.1 update has the following enhancements:
================================================== ===================================

- Dragging event over tab in Browser switches to tab
- Double click with arrow removes note in Editor now
- Extracting audio mutes video player
- ISRC code validation in Project
- Cache file generation Meter in Performance Monitor and transport bar
- Place user templates on top of the list
- Song and Stem export have publish option
- MIDI offset for record in the MIDI options
- Soundcloud Client shortcut on Start Page
- German Manual
- Solo Follows Selected Track option in Track menu
- Timestretch cache wheel now in the Transport bar

The Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist 1.5.1 update fixes the following issues:
================================================== ===============================

- Overall Performance optimization
- Improved Mixdown speed
- Audio import of whole Rex files can have wrong length or pop sound at the end
- Live MIDI note not stopped correctly with ReWire
- Special characters in device names not working with ReWire
- Hanging notes with Mojito
- Cursor jumps out of screen after cut with "Follow Edit Position" mode
- Time in Instrument parts not correct when dragging part from time base beat track to time base seconds track
- Auditioning in the editor is without transpose
- Vanishing sense fader in Pipeline
- Nudge note command not following Swing Grid
- Spectrum Meter redraw issue
- Next and Previous Maker command not working with remotes
- Video disabled in demo version
- Canceling "Bounce Instrument" creates empty audio track
- MTC can stutter in loop playback
- Overlap option restored when changing markers in export dialog
- Arm track command does not follow Monitor options
- Performance issues with meters, filters and Multiband Compressor
- MP3 export has wrong image TAG
- Filters menu in Instruments has exchanged labels for 12 and 24 db filters
- Sample One filter turned off when cutoff is set to maximum
- Out of memory crash when loading large Sound Font (.sf2) files
- Cue Mix parameters not grouped with selection
- default song also loaded when opening Studio One by double clicking song file
- Overdub recording not working when using "Loop Record Takes"
- Crash when slicing instrument part into many parts
- Crash when bouncing instrument parts
- Bounced instrument parts can have invalid data when writing tempo info to wave files
- [OSX only] Drag from finder to arrangement not working with special characters in file path
- [OSX only] Menu Keyboard Shortcuts not updated when removed
- [OSX only] Burning CD could fail when using project sample rate that is not 44.1 KHz
- Tool cursor does not switch to Arrow with CMD modifier in tempo track
- Grid not refreshing after dragging event
- Overwritten "Pause" text on project page
- Export MIDI writes muted notes
- Event editor position edit not working with some time signatures
- Preview player can crackle with 8 or 12 KHz files in 16 bit
- Save opens previously opened input box
- [OSX only] Replace Track in project not always working via Drag and Drop onto track list
- Crash when pressing Erase CD while erasing CD already
- In Tempo track tool does not switch to arrow cursor with pressed modifier
- VST3 not working
- [OSX PPC only] Noise with stretched 32 bit float wave files
- Track delay time inverted
- [OSX only] Image in MP3 not correctly written
- No Browser refresh after creating New Folder
- Limited Instrument Part Editor height

The Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist 1.5.0 update has the following enhancements:
================================================== ===================================
- Integrated synced Video Playback via Quick Time in Studio One Pro (32 bit only on Windows)
- Sound Cloud integration ( Pro only
- Follow Edit Position mode
- Automation figures and transform
- Keyboard shortcut editor
- Undo History
- Drag to Browser functionality
- New File Browser functions (Move, Copy, Delete and New Folder)
- Rex file support(only for 32 bit versions)
- Control surface placement to group fader banks together
- Info View for displaying the Tool Modifiers
- File Type filter for Browser
- Pitch name editor
- Plugin Bypass function
- Export Stems for all mixer channels
- MIDI Preview player (sends to selected Instrument Track)
- Constrain position when on dragging events between tracks
- MTC Send option in instruments device
- OSX 64-bit version
- OSX support for Apple Loops
- New FX: Scope and Level Meter
- Improved Sample One, Presence and Impact instruments
- Yamaha KX and Edirol PCR-300/500/800 device support

And many more small enhancements to improve the work flow.


The German manual is not included in this release but will be provided in a later update.

Support for Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger has been removed.

Install the new Sound Sets:
- Download the new three Sound Sets from your software account
Studio One Piano Sound Set (386.961.185 bytes)( Studio One Instrument Vol 1 needs to be installed to work correctly)
Synth Session Sound Set (1.954.094.890 bytes)
Studio One Expansion Sound Set(39.348.662 bytes)
- When the installer wants to install the new Sound Sets just press "Done"
- Drag the downloaded Sound Sets onto Studio One to install them or copy them manually to your Sound Set location and restart Studio One.

The Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist 1.5.0 update fixes the following issues:
================================================== ===============================
- Crash with extreme time stretch parameters
- Abbey Road VST plugins not working
- Overloud TH1 VST plugin not working
- Pitch names not displayed with D16 VST Drum plugins
- Crash loading MIDI file with no Sound Set installed
- Song not saved when adding it to a Project
- Track import order in Project can be wrong
- Instrument part in clipboard is no real copy
- Audio Export settings not saved